View a sampling of our projects below.


4x 92 foot Span 2x 25 Tonne Hoists per crane, operating on a single radio control remote to synchronize a 200 Tonne lift.


20/5 Tonne Crane 129 foot span 120 foot lift. Supplied & installed in Ft. McMurray Area. Crane features complete access to all mechanical and electrical equipment on the crane at any time.


160 Tonne Stall hoist winch VFD operation on the Hoist & Trolley. Electrical controls supplied and assembled by Hoisting Ltd. Capital Power Generating Station Genesse

Edmonton Exchanger

100/30 Tonne Crane VFD throughout all functions including Hoisting. Supplied & installed at Edmonton Exchanger Edmonton Alberta.


2x 20 Tonne 70 foot span cranes and crane-ways supplied and install for KNM Process Equipment Tofield Alberta.

Ft. Hills

40/5 Tonnes Double Girder of 127 ft Span. Shipping 1 of 2 Girders weighing 79,800lbs each! Ft. Hills project, 1 of 9 cranes

40/15 Tonne

One of 4 - 40/15 Tonne 70 foot Span Crane VFD controls throughout supplied and install in Ft. McMurray area for truck shop maintenance. Crane features access to all mechanical and electrical equipment.


107 foot Span 20/5 Tonne crane supplied to Ft. McMurray area. Featuring 2 speed throughout 20 meter lift and access to all mechanical and electrical equipment on the crane at anytime.